The PP is diluted in its fourth pact with Vox: it delivers the story to Abascal and the PSOE gloats

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The signing of the government agreement in Aragon, staged this Friday by PP and Vox, has multiple readings beyond the political “change” that came out of the polls on May 28. The first, in a regional key, is that of the absence of the future president, Jorge Azcón, in the heading after his intention to govern alone failed. He earlier tried the covenant path with teruel exists and the PAR, which left two of the majority, but Vox’s blocking, with its seven, has been stronger. The second, in a national key, is the alliance between the formations of the center to the right, which already accumulate four autonomous coalition governments and a programmatic agreement in the Balearic Islands, in the absence of the Murcia resolution. And the third, internally, the appropriation of the story of the pacts by Santiago Abascal’s party against the low profile of the popular.

Because while the president of Vox boasted, minutes after signing the alliance, that the program of his formation “will be reasonably included in the policies of Aragon” to “raise dams against the threats of Sánchez and his accomplices”, his counterpart in the PP , Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and his leadership focused on the blockade of the PSOE to a joint government in Ceuta, a controversy that was diluted as interest turned towards Zaragoza, precisely, by the absence of Azcón. Not a single mention from high places, beyond a tweet from Azcón himself: «We are beginning a new stage. We are advancing to give Aragon a Government of change, to take care of the Aragonese and to put Aragon above all else.

Meanwhile, the left strove again to link Feijóo with “the extreme right.” The PSOE spokesperson, Pilar Alegría, pointed out that the PP “has forever united” its path to Vox and its candidate “has not even shown its face.” Alegría anticipates a line of attack on Feijóo that will return to him throughout the legislature, if, as seems foreseeable, he acts as leader of the opposition. “They continue to carry out the pacts of shame with Vox where they govern, agreeing to the setback, synchronized and camouflaged,” attacked the Secretary of Organization, Santos Cerdan.

From 23-J, the PP left doubtful about its walk with Vox. Juanma Moreno, the Andalusian baron, made it clear in an interview in this newspaper last Sunday, where he asked to look less in “the rear-view mirror on the right.” The Andalusian and Ayuso, although in another sense, ask for leadership before Vox like the ones they exercise successfully. But the pact in Aragón, far from exhibiting a new firmness, presents the PP diluted. “He has not even shown his face,” Alegría said, to exploit that mantra that the PP lives with a complex about Vox; “ashamed”, in the words of Cerdán.

Sources of genoa justified that “the PP leaderships in each territory have autonomy to seek the best governance agreements for their regions”, as has happened in Aragon, Estremadura, Valencian Community o Castile and Leon -This is more than a year ago, just at the arrival of Feijóo to the Presidency-. And, certainly, in each place it has developed in a different way. Hurried in Valencia, ordeal back in Extremadura and frustration in Aragon, where he had promised himself what arithmetic belies.

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