The PP is studying an appeal against the plurilingual Congress so that the Constitutional Court decides

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Alberto Núñez Feijóo gives maximum seriousness to what has happened this week in Congress. The president of the PP believes that we are facing the beginning of “a very dangerous drift.” He refers to the reform on the use of co-official languages, which has begun to operate before it is debated, approved and comes into force. «A consensus has been broken in the rules of the game of the Congress agreed upon for 40 years; “It is the first time that a law comes into force before being approved,” he said yesterday, at a press conference in the Lower House. «It is the first payment so that Sánchez can continue being president. “We are facing an unprecedented transfer,” emphasized the leader of the most voted party.

That is why the PP is considering appealing the rule before the Constitutional Court. The PP’s legal advice is currently analyzing whether there is any indication of unconstitutionality, especially in the division of contracts for translation. “If it is confirmed, we will act accordingly,” Feijóo concluded. Sources from the Genoa leadership later told this newspaper that the appeal is quite probable, but they do not want to leave any loose ends. “But it has a lot of signs of happening,” say the same sources.

For the candidate for the investiture, the PSOE “has not defended the regional languages, it has used them.” “He has dealt with them and has inherited languages ​​that he does not know,” Feijóo insisted, before asking that no one “tamper” with Galician.

«The lawyers have already warned that Congress cannot become a karaoke. This does not happen in any Chamber. In no case can a law be used before being debated and approved,” lamented the Galician leader.

Indeed, the report by lawyers on the use of co-official languages ​​points out that it will be impossible to apply the norm in the short term, and calls for limiting the formal scope of the reform. “In order that the normal functioning of the Chamber is not altered”, the recognition of the use of Basque, Galician and Catalan “is subject to the terms in which such right is specified by the agreement of the Table” which “It must establish the procedures and means,” says the document, which this newspaper had access to.

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