The PP launches itself against the PSOE barons in the Senate and Page denounces: "They use institutions to trap people"

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The General Commission of the Autonomous Communities The Senate is going to become this Thursday, on the one hand, the staging of a common front of the PP against the amnesty and against any type of asymmetrical regional financing. And, on the other hand, it will be the first time that a president of Catalonia will defend the amnesty for the crimes of the process from a state institutional forum. Peter Aragonés -who will be the first of the regional presidents to speak and who will leave as soon as he concludes his speech- will discuss the benefits of having a clean slate while negotiating with a PSOE that will not attend the meeting. No minister and none of the three socialist regional barons –Emiliano García-Page (Castilla la Mancha), Maria Chivite (Navarra) and Adrian Barbón (Asturias)- will attend the appointment.

The PP, which had conceived this commission not only as a forum against the amnesty, but also as an act to “portray” the barons of the PSOE, charges especially against Page, whom it accuses of being “shocked” for not present themselves to the debate so as not to have to convey their opinions contrary to the amnesty in the Cortes Generales. “He is ashamed to stand up for Sánchez,” he said yesterday. Elias Bendodo, Number Three of the PP.

Page, who has not yet spoken publicly about this act, answers them in statements to THE WORLD: “It bothers me that they use institutions to set up traps and to try to ‘portray’ regional presidents.” It seems to the president of Castile-La Mancha that if Feijóo proposed a plan of institutional quality, he should not use the Senate to try to confront Pedro Sánchez with those who, like him, are not in favor of negotiating the amnesty.

But the PP believes that it has to focus on the main socialist baron, to emphasize that the wing of the PSOE that does not share the measure should vote, where appropriate, “in conscience.” In this sense, Génova has organized this Sunday in Toledo, together with the PP of the region, an act of protest like the one that already took place on September 24 in Madrid, which was attended by more than 65,000 people. In addition, she will do two more, in the following weekends, in Malaga and Valencia.

In the capital of Castile-La Mancha the popular They will ask Page if he is really against the clean slate for the crimes of the process, which orders its parliamentarians to vote against. But the truth is that the Congress lists were led by Ferraz and, furthermore, from Fuensalida they point out that they will not fall “into a crude trap.” “We are neither going to charge against Sánchez nor are we going to change our position,” they add.

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