The PP of Castilla-La Mancha offers to pay a PSOE deputy the €600 fine for breaking voting discipline with the amnesty

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The general secretary of the PP in Castilla-La Mancha, Carolina Agudohas offered to pay a PSOE deputy in Congress the fine of 600 euros What could his party say to him if he voted against the amnesty law for those involved in the illegal independence referendum in Catalonia that Pedro Sánchez’s team continues to negotiate with Junts.

The offer of the number two of the popular in the region comes after this week its leader, Paco Nunezwrote to the regional president, the socialist Emiliano García-Page, to ask him to stop the “enormous absurdity” that, in his opinion, the application of this measure of grace for those prosecuted by the process In the letter, he challenged him with the argument: “Only you can do it.”

“They are on time and, if their conscience leads them to value the seriousness of the amnesty more than servility to Sánchez, I myself will volunteer to pay Sergio Gutierrez “Those 600 euros for skipping the voting discipline so that you vote conscientiously with Spain and conscientiously with the people of Castile-La Mancha,” Agudo said this Friday. “If it’s for those 600 euros, I’ll pay them, because it’s going to be more expensive for us.” all the people of Castile-La Mancha the price that we are going to have to pay for the Sánchez toll,” he added in a public appearance.

The aforementioned parliamentarian has responded, in turn, through his X account that Eduardo Tamayoone of the two PSOE deputies who in 2003 prevented the appointment of his fellow member Rafael Simancas as president of the Community of Madrid, “they offered him several millions” for being absent from the Vallecas Assembly on voting day. To which he added: “They consider us to be of a lower level and they offer us €600. Will they pay for it with Mr. Nuñez’s mileage allowances? He starts out wanting to make a Tamayo and ends up like [Luis] Bárcenas [el ex tesorero del PP implicado en Gürtel]”.

In his message, spread through the social network In the region he had been paid since 2019 despite having an official car. When asked by EL MUNDO, Núñez justified that he had collected these allowances due to “an administrative error” and subsequently proceeded to return the money.

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