The PP overflows the street against the "chieftain" of the amnesty: "No Spaniard voted for a regime change"

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fell plummeting on Madrid all the concentrated heat of the summer of San Miguel when Alberto Núñez Feijóo has taken the stage of the Plaza Felipe II to the beat of Bruce Springsteen to take a mass bath 48 hours after his failed investiture. He was blaring The Rising: “Come on, let’s get up.” With the emotional kick of seeing before him an overflowing flood of supporters, two former presidents and 11 government barons, the president of the PP has intoned his particular “enough is enough!” against the possible erasure of the crimes of the process: “Freedom, equality and dignity” against the “unspeakable chieftaincy” of the amnesty.

All the expectations of the PP for its act of self-affirmation as guarantor of equality have been exceeded. 40,000 people, according to Government Delegationand more than 60,000, according to the PP, have packed the capital’s Plaza de Felipe II (where 10,000 attendees were expected, in principle) and, above all, its adjacent streets, where they did not hear the speeches, but rather a looped chant: “Puigdemont to prison.”

At the rally, Feijóo gave a harangue speech against the hypothetical investiture pact of Pedro Sánchez with Junts per Catalunya in exchange for giving in to their demands for maximums. “In a Spain of free and equal citizens, the vote of one person cannot be given more value than the vote of another. Law and Justice must be equal for everyone, starting with politicians, because if politicians are not equal before the law is an unspeakable cacicada in a Law State,” Feijóo stressed in the main passage of his speech. “There is no room for first-class and second-class citizens,” he added.

After two months of digesting his bitter victory in the general elections, Feijóo today received a real electroshock of self-esteem with the massive support of their own to “defend sovereignty.” “Even if it costs me Presidency of the Government“I will defend that Spain is a nation of free and equal citizens.”

“What they do has only one name, indignity. And there is only one person responsible, the one who is in The Moncloa after having lost the elections,” Feijóo proclaimed, after invoking the Constitution of 1812: “More than two centuries later, and after 45 years of democracy, we Spaniards are forced to defend the same thing as in 1812: our sovereignty, our freedoms and our right to the same opportunities.”

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