The PP presents an amendment to the entire use of co-official languages ​​because it violates the Constitution

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The Popular Party has presented an amendment to the entirety with alternative text to the bill that must be approved today by the Congress to reform its regulations with the intention of establishing the free use of Basque, Catalan and Galician in all parliamentary activities. The PP considers that this initiative violates article 3 of the Constitution Spanish, which establishes Spanish as the only official language of the entire territory of the State.

“The Spanish Constitution has not devised a system of co-official status for all languages ​​throughout the Spanish territory. On the contrary, it has configured a model of single official status of Spanish throughout the territory and of co-official status of Spanish and the corresponding co-official language in the territory. of the respective autonomous community”, state the popular in the explanatory statement of his amendment.

Thus, “the attribution of these proper officialdoms to Spanish languages ​​distinct from Spanish is not in accordance with Article 3.1 of the Constitution, which enshrines Spanish as the official language of the State, nor with Article 3.2 which circumscribes the officiality of the rest Spanish languages ​​to the territory of the respective autonomous community”

In this way, the proposal to reform the Regulation “exceeds the territorial scope of the official status” and “displaces and deactivates the official status of Spanish as the official language of the State.”

The initiative, therefore, they add, does not satisfy the official status of Spanish “with the translation of an intervention or document into Spanish.” In the opinion of the popularthis is only achieved “with the use of Spanish as the only official language of the institution”, while Congress is an institution “of the State” and therefore “has as its only official language that of the State, that is, Spanish “.

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