The PP proposes the judge who will chair the court to replace Lesmes

The PSOE and the PP have negotiated the turn of Carlos Lesmes for several weeks until the head of the General Council of the judiciary. The deadline expires in December and Monday is the deadline for submitting candidates. The debate, however, is twofold, from the old bipartisan parties. The supreme body of judges has a total of 21 seats and it is expected that 10 will be for the PP, 9 for the PSOE and a spokesperson for Podemos – as a gesture of the socialist government, despite the proportion of 4 seats.

The key is the presidency, as it can be a brake between a sector and the other. And the problem is now in the name people have put on the table, as El País advances. This is the conservative magistrate Manuel Marchena, current president of the Supreme Court Criminal Court, ie the court that will judge the political prisoners, as well as the president of the trial sentence.

The PSOE refuses to accept this name and, still according to "El País", proposes a woman with a more moderate profile. In the excursions there is Encarnación Roca, current vice-president of the Constitutional Court, who has arrived at the institution proposed by CiU. It has always been aligned, however, with the rest of the magistrates regarding the judicial response to the trial.

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