The PP redoubles its pressure regarding the amnesty: the barons will demand in the Senate and on the street that there is no "privileges" for Catalonia

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The PP wants to convert the General Commission of the Autonomous Communities of the Senate in a showcase of its territorial power. The 11 regional presidents of his party and the Canarian vice president will parade there, Manolo Dominguez, who will defend “the legal, territorial and economic equality” of all Spaniards. That is to say, not only will they frontally oppose the amnesty for the crimes of the processbut they will also constitute a common front “to stop an asymmetric or unilateral financing system” that gives “privileges” to Catalonia.

Therefore, in front of the Catalan president, Peter Aragonéswho will be the only regional leader from outside the PP who will attend the meeting, will demand “financing between equals”, according to sources told this newspaper. popular. The three presidents of the PSOE (Castilla-La Mancha, Navarra and Asturias) will not be on the commission, and no member of the Council of Ministers will speak even though they can do so.

Although the financial situation of the communities governed by the PP varies greatly – Murcia and the Valencian Community are the two most underfinanced, while Cantabria and La Rioja have been at the top of the list, clearly above the average -, the message will be univocal: “The presidents of the PP are going to make the voice of their autonomies heard against the representative of the coalition government, who will be Pere Aragonès.” «Aragonès will go to the Senate to defend that his territory be more than everyone else, and the others will defend that no one be more than anyone. “Here lies the asymmetrical legal treatment of the amnesty and also the fear that everyone’s money will be divided between two,” they explain in Genoa.

But the offensive will not be limited this week to the parliamentary sphere. With the amnesty on the nearest horizon, the popular They want to exercise preventive opposition from the institutions, but also from the streets. So the PP will once again star in a protest act like the one on September 24 in Madrid. After announcing that it would be in Malaga, the PP postponed it and is now looking for another city in which to protest this weekend.

“We are going to maintain that the message of rejection of the amnesty did not end in the Plaza de Felipe II,” in the rally-demonstration on September 24 in the streets of Madrid, sources from the national leadership of the main party of the opposition to the incumbent Government. «A week after Sánchez told Reeds that they had mutual respect and a week after he shook hands with a Bildu deputy who titled that Ortega Lara “He returned to prison when he was released, the PP once again takes part in an open event in the street,” say the same sources from around Feijóo.

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