The PP tells the TC that accepting the vote count requested by the PSOE would be "question the electoral system"

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The Popular Party has opposed in the Constitutional Court the assessment of the appeal in which the PSOE asks that the null votes of 23-J in Madrid be reviewed, with the hope of recovering a seat that it finally lost with votes from abroad.

In its opposition brief, the party considers that the socialist petition “calls into question the correct functioning of the electoral system as a whole” and considering its appeal “would mean modifying the electoral system through the back door.”

The PSOE relies on the fact that it was only 1,340 votes away from obtaining its eleventh seat for Madrid, which ended up being the sixteenth for the PP. This small difference in votes alone justifies, in the opinion of the PSOE, the counting of the 30,241 null votes that there were in the Community of Madrid.

The PP begins by highlighting that the “unusual request” of the PSOE was already rejected “on five occasions” by the Madrid Electoral Board, by the Central Electoral Board and by the Supreme Court. In all of them it was indicated that the small difference in votes is not in itself sufficient reason for a recount. It is necessary, according to the Constitutional doctrine, to provide some indication of irregularity in the count, something that has not happened.

The Popular Party affirms that the socialist claim “calls into question the correct functioning of the electoral system as a whole, including not only the Provincial and Central Electoral Boards, made up of Magistrates and jurists of recognized prestige, but also the work of more than 21,000 citizens in Madrid who have contributed to the functioning of the electoral system by integrating the polling stations, and even the work of their own representatives and auditors whose work they simply despise.”

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