The PP vindicates the revolt of the "indignant" to fill the places in all the capitals against Sánchez: "Spain does not give up!"

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The success of the 52 concentrations that the PP has called for tomorrow in all the provincial capitals is “vital” for the strategy of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. In fact, on Wednesday he himself held a video call with all the mayors, regional general secretaries, provincial presidents and municipal spokespersons of his party, to encourage them to activate the maximum possible mobilization. He told all of them that the PP “has a lot at stake” and that it is “very important” that November 12 is a success in its strategy against Pedro Sanchez. Genoa is taking a chance, but the sources consulted believe that expectations will be exceeded due to the enormous “fatigue” of the citizens.

In fact, the PP leadership has already baptized its movement as that of the new “indignants”, in a clear allusion to stealing the flag from the streets and channeling discontent to the left. This was announced in this Saturday’s edition of EL MUNDO and this is how it appears in the manifesto released this morning: “The indignation we feel must become a cry”it is proclaimed.

“Today the Spaniards are heard with a single voice from the squares throughout the country,” begins the text that will be read tomorrow at the rallies, which continues: “In every corner of our territory we say: No to privilege. No to impunity. No to amnesty“. He remembers that “the nation has always been overcoming”, cites the precedent of the “separatist coup against the Constitution” and vindicates his “45 years” validity“based on unity and plurality”, to conclude: “We became an example throughout the world.”

The PP calls for a “firm and serene reaction from the Spanish people to the attack suffered by our Carta Magnathe division of powers and the very foundations of our democracy”, starting from an element that, he understands, aggravates the present: “The threat is redoubled because it is the President of the Government who, after losing the elections and with the sole intention of to perpetuate himself in power, he has placed himself at the head of the independence movement that seeks to defeat the State, seeking to break equality among Spaniards, muzzling judges and prosecutors and humiliating our country.” He accuses Pedro Sánchez and the PSOE to act “as people usually do” criminals: secretly, hiding, deceiving”.

The Genoa leadership promises to “fight the battle against impunity”, from “the institutions, in parliaments, in the courts of justice, in the European Union and, yes, also in the streets.” They insist that their protest, to which they will join Vox, which then intends to redirect it to the PSOE headquarters, is “peaceful, civil and legitimate.” They close with a hopeful message – “Spanish democracy will prevail. Someday history will tell that Spain stood up, with serenity and firmness, to say enough and to defend equality among Spaniards” and the cry of clamor that they promote: ” “Spain does not surrender!”

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