The PP warns that "Bildu has managed to bring Pedro Sánchez to his knees"

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The PP considers that the “photo of indignity” of Pedro Sánchez in his meeting with the EH Bildu spokespersons in Congress and the Senate “will haunt him all his life, whether he gets the investiture or not, whether he is in Spain or not, pursue his political career or not. According to the general coordinator of the party, Elías Bendodo, the socialist leader is “following the dictate” and “swallowing the entire script” of a formation that “has not condemned the attacks” and that on the lists of the regional and municipal elections of the May 28 included “more than 40 terrorists, some with blood crimes.”

“Bildu has managed to bring Pedro Sánchez to his knees, and it is not to bring Pedro Sánchez to his knees, it is to bring the President of the Government of Spain to his knees, it is to bring our country to its knees. And the President of the Government has allowed this with to remain seated in La Moncloa despite having lost the elections,” the Number Three of the popular at an event in the Malaga town of Antequera.

At the Genoa headquarters they consider that “it is not a coincidence” that the candidate for re-election held that meeting with the representatives of Arnaldo Otegi’s party in the middle of the Pilar Bridge because he wanted that image with “the heirs of ETA” to be saw “the smallest number of Spaniards.” In this sense, they warn that “this is not the first time” that socialists resort to this “maneuver” when “decisions are going to be made that are difficult to explain, difficult to accept and very complicated to swallow.”

“Sánchez forced the first vote in the Congress of Deputies to eliminate the crime of sedition to take place after midnight, so that no one would be waiting. The second vote on sedition was on the same day at the same time as Spain They were playing the World Cup against Japan, so that people could be busy with other things. The Senate expressly approved the sedition on December 22, coinciding with the Christmas lottery draw. And now the photo of the shame of Friday the 13th “said Bendodo.

To which he added: “Does Sánchez believe that we Spaniards are stupid and that we do not know about his misdeeds? Because trying to break the State at the hands of those who have traditionally wanted to break the State is an affront to 45 years of decency.” democracy in our country. What has changed so that the Sánchez of the images who said ‘I will never make an agreement or sit down with Bildu’ now kneels before them? Well, there is a risk of continuing to be the president of the Government even if he has lost the elections.”

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