The PP will create an investigative commission in the Senate on the "irregularities" of the CIS

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The PP is going to create its first investigative commission in the Senate since it has the absolute majority. And he is going to do it after EL MUNDO’s revelations about the entry into the Sociological Research Center (CIS)with a civil servant position, that of the son of Antonio Alaminos Chica, right hand of José Félix Tezanos, president of said body.

“We know more than questionable news not only about its operation but also about its way of hiring,” the deputy secretary of the PP began by saying. Borja Semper, in a press conference after the Party’s Steering Committee. That is why he is going to ask that Tezanos himself appear “and answer questions about the functioning of the CIS.” “He will be summoned,” he insisted.

The son of Alaminos, Antonio Alaminos Fernandez, has entered the CIS through a merit-based competition – without an exam – and with a court tailored to his needs in which four of its five members are subordinates or collaborators of the president of this public body. The father himself initially appeared as president of the substitute court, although he later declined.

“It seems reasonable that given the size and relevance of this organization, it should be investigated and known in detail and in depth how it works, what deficiencies exist and, where appropriate, the irregularities that may exist in its operation,” he said. added.

The PP is going to use the Upper House as a battering ram of its opposition against Pedro Sanchez, and that is why he plans to activate several investigative commissions on issues unfavorable to the Government. “The Senate is the chamber that is functioning and therefore we think that it is the appropriate place to put this commission into operation, and we hope to be able to launch it immediately, given the relevance” of the matter, explained Sémper.

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