The PP will demonstrate on Sunday in all capitals: "The amnesty is the greatest democratic setback in our history"

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“We are going to defend the rights of all Spaniards, starting with those of the Catalans: they are not alone.” The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóohas used his speech before the National Board of Directors of his party to announce new mobilizations, this Sunday at noon, in each and every one of the capitals of Spain, in defense of the “unity” of Spain and “freedom and dignity of Spanish society”.

“On November 12 we will be in the squares of all the capitals of Spain remembering that we are a democracy and a rule of law,” he announced before the largest body of his party between congresses. “On the 12th, at 12 noon,” he will maintain that “no one disputes that Spain is a democracy, but a democracy without the rule of law is a hollow democracy.”

Furthermore, Feijóo has reiterated his presence at the “great demonstration called by civil society” on the 18th in Madrid: “We will demonstrate that Spain will remain united and that they will never be able to buy off Spanish society.”

In a speech highly applauded by the PP leadership, Feijóo has warned of the seriousness of the negotiation being finalized by the PSOE and Junts to shore up the amnesty for the crimes of the process: “We are experiencing the greatest democratic setback in our history. Spain is not “decides behind closed doors between two parties. That is not democracy.”

In his opinion, “Sánchez is perpetrating the greatest attack on the rule of law” that has ever occurred in Spain, which is why the PP is going to try to establish itself as a “constitutionalist refuge for those who have lost their dignity, taking it away from everyone.”

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