The PQ offers 100% COVID-19 treatment places

The Parti Québécois proposes
facilities are dedicated to treating only patients with
COVID-19, a question of curbing the spread of the virus.

The deputy of
Îles-de-la-Madeleine and spokesperson for the Parti Québécois in health matters,
Joël Arseneau, notes in this regard the overflows to which the
health facilities are currently facing, particularly

The situation observed in some
Montreal hospitals worries the MP for the Islands; according to him, it is urgent to
reduce the pressure, especially since some establishments no longer have
no room for maneuver.

“Unfortunately, the end of the crisis
is not yet within sight. To curb the spread of the virus, both
in patients than in staff, we therefore have a duty to implement
best organizational practices possible. A path to consider
would be to dedicate buildings to COVID-19, so as to isolate patients
affected by others, especially the most vulnerable, “he said.

What is a dedicated hospital?

“Basically, we take buildings –
arenas, convention centers – or existing hospitals and they are
converts to temporary facilities to accommodate patients with
COVID-19 symptoms. You can also organize screening there, and
provide support and training for caregivers. In one
dedicated hospital, it’s also easier to divide sectors, depending on the
level of care required. Such arrangements have been used successfully during
of the SARS epidemic and, more recently, in China “, explained Joël

No choice

The Parti Québécois believes that the
Quebec has no choice. “In the face of the more than probable possibility of a
second wave, we must at all costs preserve the capacity of our hospitals
and, most importantly, the health of the staff, ”added the MP.

Always wishing to bring a
a positive contribution to the debate, Joël Arseneau was also pleased that the
government accepted its previous proposal, namely to deploy
pads to prevent the spread of the virus in homes for
the elderly. “When good ideas are applied, that’s all
Quebec wins! “, He concluded.

In summary

  • The Parti Québécois proposes that we designate
         quickly hospitals dedicated entirely to COVID-19.
  • This would help curb the
         spread of the virus among patients and staff
  • His proposal has two objectives:
    • Reduce the pressure
            isolating COVID-19 patients from others, often more
    • Preserve our ability to
            deal with a possible second wave.
  • Such arrangements have been used with
         success in the SARS epidemic, and right now, in others
  • The Parti Québécois is pleased to have suggested
         the deployment of buffer zones to protect seniors; the government
         will go ahead with this idea.

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