The precedent of the other Spanish dismemberer who could save Daniel Sancho from capital punishment in Thailand

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daniel sancho He is not the only Spaniard who is currently detained in thailand accused of murdering and dismembering another foreigner. The precedent for his case is found in a media event that occurred in Bangkok in 2016, when the businessman and fraudster Artur Segarra kidnapped, tortured, suffocated and dismembered a consultant from Lleida named David Bernat. After putting the remains of the mutilated body in several plastic bags, just as he would have done Sancho according to his own confession to the Thai police, Segarra threw them into the river Chao Phrayawhich crosses the Thai capital.

Sancho, 29, is currently in police custody while the agents try to reconstruct the crime with his help touring the tourist island of Koh Phangan, in the southeast of the country, where he dismembered the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta Arteaga. He will go to court on Monday.

At the capture of Mower (41 years old) was much more complex. she ran away to the neighbor Cambodia after committing the murder. But with his face circulating on all television in Spain, a Spanish couple who were on a tourist trip to this Southeast Asian country recognized him and alerted the police.

Segarra was handed over to the Thai authorities and, a year later, he was sentenced to death. His lawyers appealed to the appeals court, which ruled against him. Later they tried again before the supreme court, which ratified the sentence. There seemed to be no possible way out for the Spanish.

But Segarra’s luck changed in 2021. Every July 28, the eccentric king Maha Vajiralongkorn, Whoever has his birthday on that date, shows in public a massive act of clemency and orders a pardon for thousands of prisoners, as well as commuting the death sentence to life imprisonment for many inmates destined to be executed by lethal injection.

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