The pregnant wife of the lucky firefighter died in his arms

Ildiko, a 38-year-old pregnant woman, had only three weeks left until she gave birth, but died unexpectedly last Thursday. His love collapsed in Attila’s arms, the man working as a firefighter did everything but could no longer save him, he wrote. a Blikk. As we reported earlier, the tragically dead woman is the singer, She was Judy’s girlfriend.

Attila’s happiness was still limitless a few months ago, he and his wife, Ildiko, were expecting the birth of a new child.

Their 8-year-old child, Lena, was also very much looking forward to her little sister’s arrival, and she even chose her name.

On Thursday night, Ildik√≥ suddenly became ill, waking her husband up that he was not feeling well. Attila and Ildik√≥ went out to the terrace to see if she would get better there, but she still couldn’t breathe.

Attila immediately called the ambulance, but by this time his wife’s face was beginning to purple, then he began to vomit on the terrace and collapse.

The 40-year-old man immediately began resuscitation because his wife was no longer with him at the time.

A few minutes later, ambulances also arrived, who took control and, while they did everything, fought for the young woman for a long time, they could no longer save her life.

The woman’s death was caused by heart failure, and the baby could not be saved.

Attila’s little daughter, Lena, did not wake up to the noise, the next day the man sobbing told her that her little sister and her mother had “gone up among the stars.”

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