The Premier League’s crazy new project: Host an ‘All-Star Game’ with the world’s best players

Football is constantly seeking to reinvent itself: between technological revolutions (VAR, goal line technology, offside automation) and the redesigns of certain competitions such as the Champions League or the World Cup (not to mention the shelved project of the Super League), the king sport in Europe wants to modernize. And this quest for renewal does not seem about to stop.

Indeed, the Premier League would work on the possibility of creating an “All-Star Game” on the model of American sports. An idea launched by the new owner of Chelsea, the American Tedd Boehly. The objective would be to oppose a team with the best players in the Premier League to a team comprising the best elements of the other major championships (Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga) according to the Times.

The aim of these matches would above all be to increase the financial income a little more. These meetings could be held in different places around the world to reach a wide audience.

The owner of Chelsea is not at his first attempt since a few months ago, he had already put forward the idea of ​​​​creating an “All-Star Game” between a team bringing together clubs from the north of the England and those in southern England. An idea which had been strongly criticized, in particular by Jurgen Klopp at the time. The boss of the Blues therefore put the cover back but seeing things in a big way.

All of this should again not sit well with players, notably Kevin De Bruyne, who has been critical of the dating glut for several years.

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