The premiere of "The Corridor" (video)


Tips for exit locations

The producer Hisham Abdelkhalik presented the first marketing bromo for the film "The Corridor" in preparation for his upcoming release in the Egyptian and Arab theaters.

Ahmed Ezz should present his new film "The Corridor" scheduled for Eid al-Fitr, where he finished shooting his recent scenes in front of Sherif Arafa cameras.

Ahmed Al-Sharnoubi, Ahmed Salah, Hind Sabri, written by Amir Taaima, is considered an epic military action for an important period of Egyptian history, monitors a number of Egyptian Thunderbolt championships and the War of Attrition after the defeat . 67 on the story of Amir Taima in his first film, and was filmed between Ismailia, Suez, Nuweiba and Cairo.

In the film "The Corridor", Ezz embodies the character of a lightning officer, and performs the soundtrack of the film Omar Khayrat, and has not finished yet.



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