The premium clarity of Samsung’s flagship soundbars and Neo QLED TVs.

Sound like a movie theater with premium sound quality and true-to-life clarity.Samsung’s flagship soundbar and Neo QLED TV

Streaming services are steadily growing in popularity. Many blockbuster movies and quality series choose to debut on streaming platforms instead of being screened in theaters. Although this change will make entertainment more widely available to people around the world. But it made many feel the trade-off for a unique cinematic experience. Both powerful sound and high resolution display

But not always you have to sacrifice the fun of watching movies in the cinema to watch streaming content. When you can bring a cinematic audio-visual experience at home with the most advanced technology fromSamsung led by SamsungThe world’s first soundbar (HW-Q950A/XT) with 11.1.4ch sound and the boundless innovation of Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV.

The only one in the world with sound systemSuperior from every directiontype 11.1.4ch

The perfect content viewing experience cannot be lacking in a sound system that complements the experience and realism. High-quality cinematic surround sound is achieved by up to 400 Dolby Atmos ceiling and wall speakers, creating a rich surround sound environment.

Samsung has also used Dolby Atmos technology to simulate a cinematic sound experience in your home.Samsungsound bar (HW-Q950A/XT) It comes with 11 speakers, 1 channel subwoofer and 4 channels upstairs speakers (11.1.4ch) to create 3D sound, making the sound move alive for viewing entertainment. more realistic and take it to the next level with innovation SpaceFit Sound+ and Auto EQ that analyzes your room to create sound waves that are especially suitable for your home. Allows you to feel the movement of objects. to the sound of rain hitting the roof realistically


It integrates the best audio technology in TVs and soundbars perfectly. Q-Symphony

When connected to a sound bar The TV speakers are basically switched off so that the sound bar is the only main speaker. Due to the technological limitations of TV and sound bar, they cannot transmit signal between each other. So it’s a good loss of speakers, unfortunately. For this reason, Samsung strives to develop innovations that will overcome these limitations to create a more efficient viewing experience.

technology Q-Symphony from Samsung integrates the Samsung TV and sound bar perfectly. Bringing you to the next level of sound aesthetics Enjoy content like never before. With the direction of sound from both the TV and the sound bar that embraces the listening to a dimension from every angle. Fill the sound element with clarity and life more than ever.

Deliver every detail on the big screen with innovation. Quantum Mini LED

In an action movie, the intense fight scenes are the moments that can’t be blinked. A TV screen that broadcasts content needs to capture every detail in order to be the equivalent of a movie theater screen. LED lighting is key to making every action clear on a TV screen thanks to the size of the LEDs. Effect on display pixels If the TV has fine pixels, it will produce a better picture.

Samsung’s micro-layer technology delivers vivid, lifelike images. realistic in every detail By eliminating unnatural noise, the Quantum Mini LED is used in the Neo QLED 8K 2021 TV, which is 40 times smaller than a conventional LED for precise control over image reproduction. It is also free from blooming, resulting in images with perfect light and shadow contrast, near the ideal of definition and color.


Experience a vivid visual experience even if you are an old movie fanatic.

Every time I choose to watch a classic movie Many people will be offended by the image quality that is noticeably inferior to today’s content. And I couldn’t help but want the filmmakers to bring the film a more precise remastering. for the perfect viewing experience Samsung understands the needs of classic movie lovers. therefore designed technology AI upscaling In the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV, the sharpness of the picture can be realistically enhanced. No matter how old your favorite movies are.

Samsung uses artificial intelligence (AI) innovations that learn through 16 Artificial Neural networks, using deep learning methods in the powerful Neo Quantum Processor to classify content based on signal resolution and resolution. image quality before analyzing the components to enhance the clarity of the image Change old movies to look like they’ve just entered the cinema on Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K TV.

Content lovers on streaming platforms should not miss it. Let’s raise the level of viewing to be equivalent to a movie theater. with samsung sound bar (HW-Q950A/XT) that comes with world-class technology at a price of 33,990 baht and Samsung Neo QLED 8K (QN800A and QN900A) is available in 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch sizes, starting at 94,990 baht. More details at


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