The president of Saudi Arabia is evaluating the hypothesis to buy a stake in the Masal gas project with the Russian Novatech

Amin al-Nasser, managing director of Saudi Arabia Aramco, said on Friday that the company's relations with Russia will grow while the two sides have carried out cooperation projects.
"The discussions with several leading institutions in the Russian energy sector will shift our joint commercial relations with Russia and its major energy companies to new levels," said Nasser during the laying of the foundation stone of a new Saudi Aramco research center for upstream technologies in Moscow.
Nasser made the comments in a statement to the company.
Nasir said he plans to consider buying a stake in Novatec's LNG-2 project in the Arctic with the head of the company in Moscow on Friday, reported the agency Russian press.
The news agency quoted the executive saying that he hoped to sign a purchase agreement as soon as possible.

In the context of the continuation and development of strategic cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Russia, the President and Chief Executive of Saudi Arabia Al-Nasser took part in the ceremony for laying the foundation stone of the Saudi Aramco Research and Development Center at the Science Park of the Moscow State University Lomonosov, November 09, 2018 in the Russian capital Moscow, according to Saudi Aramco.

The center is the ninth research and development center of Saudi Arabia outside the Kingdom and focuses on the development of exploration and production technologies in the crude oil and gas sector. It also promotes cooperation in joint research activities, in particular with the Moscow State University and other Russian scientific institutions.

"Saudi Aramco welcomes this cooperation with the Moscow State University, which is among the leading universities in the region of Eurasia. And it is also a prestigious international university. For centuries it has known its distinguished academic tradition, its focus on research, its importance in the field of crude oil and gas, considering that Russia is an important energy state. "" The strong partnerships between industry, economy, academia and research are a key element for face the challenges facing communities and we are pleased to have laid the groundwork for a new research center in this prestigious university and to sign a cooperation agreement: Saudi Aramco and its counterparts of the best Russian scientists and researchers to bring new inventions and solutions to the challenges of the sector The Saudi Aramco International Research Center will be established in the scientific park of this university seeks to develop new solutions especially in the field of exploration and production technologies that are very dependent on artificial intelligence, modeling and data analysis ".

"Laying the foundation stone of the new research center, in addition to ongoing discussions with several leading institutions in the Russian energy sector, will transfer our joint commercial relations with Russia and its major energy companies to new horizons and will benefit the participating parties, On a commercial, technical and scientific level, to improve the ability to take care of hydrocarbon resources in the United Kingdom and Russia. "

The center's landmark is a memorandum of understanding between Saudi Arabia and the Moscow State University, which was announced in August 2018.

Interestingly, during the celebration of the laying of the cornerstone of the center, a research agreement was signed between Saudi Aramco and the Moscow State University to develop cooperation between the two parties in research projects.

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