The president of the United States invites China to investigate Bidens


Donald Trump urged China to investigate Bidens in the face of widespread convictions and an impeachment investigation for asking the same at the Ukraine.

The US president on Thursday told reporters outside the White House that China, a nation that has a lot at stake in its relations with the United States in an ongoing trade war, "should launch a Bidens investigation" .

"What happened in China is just as bad as what happened with the Ukraine," he said.

"So I would say that the (Ukrainian) president (Volodymyr) Zelensky, if I were me, I would advise them to start an investigation on the Bidens."

Trump said he did not directly ask Chinese President Xi Jinping to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, but that it was "certainly something we could start thinking about".

Trump is already the subject of an impeachment investigation for allegedly soliciting the Ukraine to investigate a democratic political rival during a phone call with the country's president at the beginning of this year. He defended his contact with the Ukraine and repeatedly described the conversation as "perfect".

The President's reference to China came naturally when he answered a question about the call of Ukraine on July 25 and a few moments later he was asked to negotiate on trade.

"I have a lot of options for China, but if they don't do what we want, we have tremendous and tremendous power," said Trump.

In response to the president's remarks, a Chinese diplomat suggested that China will probably not be interested in investigating Biden.

"We do not want to enter the middle of American politics," the diplomat said.

It has not yet been an official response from the Chinese government.

"This is quite chaotic," the diplomat told CNN.

"Are you asking for comments that Trump just made? I don't think I can tell you anything about it right now. "

Trump's latest comments evoked his public call in 2016 for Russia to release Hillary Clinton's e-mails if they got them through hacking, something that US intelligence agencies later decided to support.

"Russia, if you are listening, I hope you are able to find the 30,000 missing e-mails," Trump said during a press conference in July 2016. He later stated in written replies to questions from Special Adviser Robert Mueller of having appealed to Russia "for fun and sarcastically, as was evident to any objective observer".

In the case of the Ukraine and China, Mr. Trump has made unfounded accusations against Mr. Biden.

The president and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani have also tried to raise suspicions about Hunter Biden's business relations in China, leaning heavily on the writings of the conservative author Peter Schweizer. On Monday, Geng Shuang, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, declared the accusation that the Chinese government's business would give Biden's son $ 1.5 billion "totally unfounded". Trump's requests for Zelensky to investigate Bidens, as well as Giuliani's conduct, are at the center of the denunciation by an informant from the intelligence community that triggered the Democratic Chamber's impeachment investigation last week.

Mr. Trump subsequently stated without evidence that China had a "heart-to-heart agreement" on trade with the United States because of the Bidens.

"You know what they call it," Trump said. "They call it a reward."

The president of Biden's campaign, Cedric Richmond, rejected Mr. Trump as a reflection of the president's concerns to address Mr. Biden in his re-election campaign. "This president is afraid and acting," said the Louisiana MP.

The chairman of the House's secret service committee, Adam Schiff, who is taking a leading role in the impeachment investigation, said Trump's comments show he "feels he can do anything with impunity". Speaking with journalists in Arizona, Vice President Mike Pence echoed Mr. Trump to investigate the Bidens.

"The American people have the right to know whether the vice president of the United States or his family took advantage of his position as vice president during the last administration," he said.

Trump faced several allegations that he and his children got rich through his presidential candidacy and his time in office, including US and foreign government spending on his property. Trump argued that his political life cost him money, although he is the first major presidential candidate in modern history to refuse to make tax returns that would provide more details.

The president of the Federal Electoral Commission Ellen Weintraub responded to Mr. Trump, tweeting a reminder that it is a violation of the campaign funding law for anyone to "solicit accept or receive" anything of value from a foreign citizen in connection with the US election. The agency monitors the laws on campaign financing. But after his recent resignation, his board of directors does not have enough commissioners to meet legally and take control actions.

Trump's comments arrived when he publicly acknowledged that his message to the Ukrainian president and other officials was to investigate Biden, one of the main democratic presidential contenders in 2020. He had avoided the question during a press conference on Wednesday.

"It's a very simple answer," Trump said of his call with Zelensky. "They should investigate the Bidens."

Speaking at a Medicare event in Florida, Trump said the Democrats were focusing on impeachment because they "know they can't beat" Republicans in the elections.

"This is why they fuck up the impeachment because they know they can't beat us equally," Trump said.

He added that democratic victories would be harmful to the country.

"It would be a sad and sad day for our country if they ever win," he said.

On Thursday, Pence defended President Trump's July call with the Ukrainian president.

"As more facts emerge from this, as people take time to read the transcript of the President's call and reflect on these facts, they will realize that this is more or less the same as what we have seen from the Democrats over the past two and a half years, "said Pence.

He urged democratic politicians to focus on "issues" and not on impeachment.

"President Pelosi and the Democrats should focus on issues of security, prosperity, infrastructure, USMCA, lowering drug prices," said Pence.

Trump tried to involve Biden and his son in the kind of corruption that has long afflicted the Ukraine. Hunter Biden was on the board of a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, while his father led the Obama administration's diplomatic relations with Kiev.

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