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The presidential family wardrobe

In two days Luis Abinader and his wife Raquel Arbaje will become the new presidential couple. His family is the focus of attention of the media and fashion lovers, who long to discover how they will dress next Sunday, August 16, the day that will mark his life.

One of the best kept secrets are the designers who will be attending the Abinader Arbaje on this important date. LISTÍN DIARIO had access to the details of the clothing for the acts related to the inauguration.

Raquel Arbaje de Abinader
The First Lady will wear a Jenny Polanco signature dress, a fusion of classic and avant-garde style. Carla Quiñones, heir to the brand, confesses her emotion with the distinction. “Through this design we have managed to capture the essence of the wonderful woman that Jenny Polanco was,” he says.

“The inspiration for the costume is simply herself: Raquel Arbaje, a true lady, the Dominican woman. The starting point was an unpublished design from 2019 that was transformed in a spectacular way with a haute couture tailored structure, gazar collar and amber details, long sleeves and a skirt below the knee in drill president optical white ”, he adds Quinones.

To complete the look, a very timeless updo and natural makeup were chosen to highlight her best features.

Luis Abinader
The President-elect will not be left behind. Luis Abinader will wear his best gala for a moment he will never forget. The Tejidos La Ronde team will be responsible for their wardrobe for the two activities in which the president will participate.

Janet Rodríguez de Irizarry and Tomás Irizarry, owners of the brand, revealed that the President of the Republic will use a white suit made of Irish linen, called precisely, drill president.

“It is already a tradition in the country that this fabric is chosen for this special occasion of the presidential inauguration, as well as the Super 130 raincoat, for night activities.”

Esther, Graciela and Adriana Abinader Arbaje.

The daughters of the presidential couple followed in their mother’s footsteps by choosing Dominican talents for their designs and styling. The young designer Carolina Sanz will be responsible for dressing the eldest daughter of the presidential couple.

He enthusiastically confessed that the inspiration behind the design is the simplicity and honesty of Esther’s character.

“These characteristics will be reflected in the pieces through the simplicity of the silhouette in combination with details allegorical to femininity, but at the same time highlighting the importance and power of women in our society,” says the Dominican designer.

Jusef Sánchez will be in charge of the clothing for Graciela and Adriana.

The house proposal is based on two modern-style outfits that highlight the elegance and freshness of youth, preserving the solemnity and protocol of the act of change of command. To achieve this, both designs have been made in a firm and comfortable texture to the touch, and will be white.

Nicole Marie Betances, an expert in Fashion Marketing and Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design, is responsible for the styling of the three sisters.

He says that from the first time he met with the daughters of the President-elect, they were clear about what they wanted to wear, and above all that it was Dominican fashion.

“I have taken their preferences into consideration when choosing the perfect hairstyle and accessories that most closely resemble them,” the stylist said.

The Abinader Arbaje family accompanied by the values ​​that they have raised over the years, their dreams and the love they profess, will undoubtedly live up to what this important day requires.



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