The press chief of the RFEF acknowledges pressure for Hermoso to sign that the kiss was consensual

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The press officer of the women’s soccer team, Patricia Perezdeclared in the National Court this Thursday that he had received pressure from Luis Rubiales and its environment so that Jennifer Hermoso gave his ok, hours after the World Cup final, to a statement saying that Rubiales’ kiss had been consensual. The judge investigating the Rubiales case has agreed to examine the messages on the mobile phones of Patricia herself and Patricia’s brother. Jennifer Hermoso.

Rafael Hermoso testified as a witness last Monday and ratified and expanded before Judge Francisco de Jorge the coercion denounced by his sister. Today he returned to the court to make his cell phone available and, with it, the messages exchanged after the World Cup final linked to Luis Rubiales’ kiss to the soccer player.

As for Patricia Pérez, Bag, has testified as a witness and also provided his terminal. Part of the interrogation has focused on the preparation of the statement with which a few hours before the incident the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) aired the thesis that Hermoso herself said that the kiss had been consensual. The process of preparing the message is at the core of the crime of coercion that is investigated along with sexual assault.

Likewise, the person responsible for integrity at the RFEF, Miguel García Caba, declared this Thursday. As in the case of the press officer, he has appeared as a witness, which means that the judge does not attribute criminal actions to either of the two.

A different case is that of the director of the Men’s National Team, Albert Luque, and the former head of Marketing, Ruben Rivera, who had initially been summoned as witnesses this Thursday and, finally, will appear as investigated. Both have been accused of being responsible for the pressure on the player. They are scheduled for October 10.

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