The pressure on illegal border violators from Belarus to the Latvian border is growing again The news

Riga, August 26, LETA. On Wednesday, the State Border Guard officials prevented 101 people from trying to cross the Latvian-Belarusian state border illegally, LETA was informed by the State Border Guard.

Since 10 August, a total of 645 people have been deterred from crossing the state border illegally.

There are no people detained for illegally crossing the state border during the past day. Since the introduction of the state of emergency, 25 people have not been prevented from crossing the state border for humanitarian reasons, while a total of 377 third-country nationals who have crossed the state border illegally have been detained this year.

Taking into account the number of cases of illegal crossing of the Latvian-Belarusian border and its rapid increase, the government previously decided to declare a state of emergency from 11 August to 10 November in Ludza, Kraslava, Augšdaugava counties, as well as in Daugavpils city.

Meanwhile, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), notwithstanding any obligations that Belarus should assume under international law, ordered the Polish and Latvian authorities to provide all applicants with food, water, clothing, adequate medical care and, if possible, temporary shelter.

At the same time, the court emphasized that this decision did not mean that Poland and Latvia should allow the applicants into their territory. The Court has also stated that States have the right to control their borders, the stay of aliens on their territory and their expulsion in accordance with generally accepted international law and their obligations under the Treaties, including the European Convention on Human Rights.

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The plaintiffs in the case against Poland are 32 Afghan citizens, but the claim against Latvia is filed by 41 Iraqi citizens of Kurdish origin, who are stuck on the border between Poland and Belarus and Latvia and Belarus, respectively.

Commenting on the decision of the ECtHR, the Minister of the Interior of Latvia Marija Golubeva (AP) emphasized that Latvia is already operating in accordance with the interim settlement proposed by the ECtHR. Golubeva emphasized that in cooperation with non-governmental organizations, the State Border Guard provides the necessary food, clothing and medical assistance to those who have arrived on the territory of Belarus.

“The situation at the border is tense. The number of detained illegal border crossers is starting to rise again. Yesterday it was 68 people, but today it is already 101,” Golubeva wrote on social networks. She also said that the European Commission strongly rejects attempts to manipulate people for political purposes by recruiting, organizing and inciting them to cross borders illegally.

In his turn, the Minister of Defense Artis Pabriks expressed the opinion that Latvia will not compromise the plans of the special services of Belarus to destabilize the whole region just because some have a “soft heart”, but do not want to see a broader context for this hybrid war. “The border will remain closed,” Pabriks said.

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