The pressure on Rubiales and the warning from Pedro Sánchez: "your apologies are not enough"

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The expedition of the women’s soccer team has come this Tuesday morning to the Moncloa to celebrate with the president of the Government Pedro Sanchez the title of world champions achieved on Sunday in sydney. A historical success that in the last few hours has been somewhat tarnished by the performances of Luis Rubialespresident of the Spanish Football Federationduring the final of the world Cup. The highest president of Spanish football screamed and jumped into the box, grabbing his testicles; he kissed Jenni Hermoso on the mouth during the medal collection and later, at The match of the Copecalled “assholes”, “assholes” and “scoopers” to all those who criticized him.

With the passing of the hours and the virality of his videos and words, the news covered the international media and provoked the complaint of several members of the Government. Last night Yolanda Diazvice president, accused him of having “harassed and assaulted a woman“, and urged him to resign in “compliance” with the new Sports Law, activating the Federation’s protocols on sexist acts to force his departure from office. section 104 of said Act“notorious and public acts that violate sporting dignity or decorum” and “abuses of authority”, among other things, are considered very serious infractions.

The federationin Point 4 of his Ethical codetalks about “situations, attitudes and behaviors related to sexual violence”, mentioning, in several things, the “excessive and inappropriate approach in body contact, hugs, squeezing”, “attracting with a hug in the attempt to kiss them” or “kiss by force“.

On the other hand, theProtocol of action against sexual violence‘ of the Higher Sports Council includes ‘kissing by force’ in its point 5 (‘Situations, attitudes and behaviors related to sexual violence’), qualifying it as “unacceptable conduct that will entail immediate consequences”.

This same morning, Pedro Sánchez described his gesture as “unacceptable“. “The apologies that Rubiales has given are not enough, They are not adequate, he has to continue taking steps to clarify what we all saw,” asked the Prime Minister, who a few minutes before had cordially greeted Rubiales, smiling at him and congratulating him. The image of the federation leader, however, has It was very different. Seriously, he shook hands with the president and almost without a word he continued on his way.

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