The PRI puts its conditions on Morena – El Financiero

The debate on the electricity reform proposal of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the Congress of the Union “must be real, live and direct with businessmen and broadcast by television stations,” requested the PRI. “We want a discussion with arguments, not with choros.”

For that, the PRI parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies demanded “that they be directly the owners of the companies, the direct actors of the production, those who go to the Legislative Palace to present their arguments.”

At the start of the work within the Energy Commission in San Lázaro, the PRI legislators proposed –in interviews– that “if they say there are leonine contracts, they should come to defend themselves and say if it is true or not. We do not want the debate to be only between the nomenclatures of the parties, between the opinion leaders ”.

“We want a real open parliament, not simulations,” said Deputy Karina Barrón. He asked to “open the discussion, listen to each of the actors involved; let’s team up, with respect, to be able to move forward and make the best decisions ”.

“We don’t want a boring open parliament, by the way; we want one to be attended by commercial networks and for television stations to broadcast it live ”, also completed the deputy Rubén Moreira, PRI leader in the lower house.

“We want a good debate, with arguments, not with choros, not with adjectives,” remarked the head of the tricolor bench. “Let us debate and build in favor of the citizenry, contrast positions and make a thorough and thoughtful analysis of the Treasury project, so that all of Mexico does well and not cause damage to society,” he insisted.

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For their part, the PRI deputies of the Finance Commission warned that if before there is no openness and willingness to dialogue and agreements to make adjustments and modifications to the Income Law and the Expenditure Budget for 2022, “it will be difficult to advance in the work for the electrical reform or in others ”.

“The PRI is concerned that this first great debate cannot be accompanied by a democratic exercise, because it does not contribute to the construction of agreements. What begins badly, ends badly ”, warned the PRI Jericó Abramo Masso.

Since Friday, the PRI deputies complained that the majority of Morena determined that there will only be one day for an open parliament, with a short schedule, to be held today, which they considered “insufficient time for citizens, experts and different sectors of society give their opinions ”.

“With this format, Morena only shows that it has no interest in listening to the population and only wants to approve, immediately, without analysis or reflection, a transcendental economic package in the economy and finances of the country,” they stated in a public statement.

However, on Sunday the president of the Finance Commission, Luis Armando Melgar, of the PVEM, clarified that the agreement for today’s open parliament was approved unanimously on Friday by the seven political forces represented in the Chamber of Deputies.

He ignored the complaints and protests of the PRI deputies –Hiram Hernández Zetina, José Francisco Yunes Zorilla, Jericó Abramo Masso, among others–, since they supported with their suffrage the holding of the open parliament and held that it be carried out according to the format agreed by the Board of Directors of that commission.

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Therefore, he argued, the version now used by the PRI deputies “is not real.”


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