The price increase of gold two pounds .. And the 21 caliber recorded 619 pounds per gram – the seventh day


Gold prices in the world increased on Thursday 6-12-2018 to $ 7, 0.45%, which reflected the price of gold in Egypt at a value of two pounds for each caliber of various calibrations on the market.

The price of gold is 21 pounds on Thursday evening pounds to mark 619 pounds per gram, and this caliber is the main caliber in the Egyptian market.

The prices of gold today in Egypt are as follows:

Size 18: 513 pounds

Caliber 21: 619 pounds

Caliber 24: 707.5 pounds

Pound Gold:

World price: $ 1242

Gold prices in Egypt are subject to several factors, including supply and demand, and there is another effect on the dollar in the Egyptian market, be it banks or banks or official exchanges, as well as the price of gold ounces globally.

"Day Seven" is eager to provide the service of gold prices per day and an immediate update of prices on the domestic market, accompanied by the price of all prices that are traded on the market.

Gold prices in the Egyptian goldsmith market may see some variations in values ​​ranging from one pound to two pounds from one province to another, which is not an actual difference on the final price of gold.

As for grammatical gold, it varies significantly from one jewel to another, which is a difference in the price of gold after the final addition of processing due to different forms of gold.

The price of gold throughout the trading day on Thursday 6-12-2018 recorded 617 pounds for the 21st caliber is the most popular and traded in Egypt and the price of gold is measured for other grades (18 gauge. and caliber 24) based on the price of the 21-gauge gold, but the movement of the world price of paid gold Prices increase in Egypt.



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