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Here we are, our little news on the price of graphics cards. And this week, we can say, we have again the fall in rates and especially in AMD. In fact, some brand references have still moved well and in a positive way. On the other side, from the side of the house NVIDIAwe are almost always on equal rates to those found last week. We remind you that we always talk about prices without coupon codes.

price-graphics cards week-49-2018

Let's talk about AMD at the start. the RX560 it remains at the same price, however 4GB RX570 loses a few euros from € 169.90 to € 164.90. However it has already been cheaper, € 156.90. Even the model in 8 GB drops and quite strong, about 12%, we are today at € 184.90 against € 209.90 last week and all this with the games offered. the RX 580 to, she too, the right to an excellent drop, ranging from € 249.90 to € 224.90, then 10% less and always with the games offered. the VEGA RX 56 it is not left behind, loses € 60 from € 419.90 to € 359.90. Model 64 he loses it, only a few euros.

price-graphics cards week-49-2018

On the NVIDIA side, we have a small upside, just on the GTX 1060but only € 1. By cons we see that the card is not cheap. On the other hand, we have a good decline GTX 1070 which goes from € 399.90 to € 367.90, however, the card has already been marketed at € 349.90 … The last card that is down, the RTX 2080 which goes to € 796 against € 849 last week, but let's not forget that its price has been long € 799. For other models, except the RTX 2070

which dates back to € 519, little or no change.


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