The price of gold is two pounds and the price of 21 pounds is 646 pounds per gram


Gold prices recorded a significant increase of 2 pounds by caliber in the gold market on Monday 14 January, after the price of one gold rose from $ 1287 to $ 1294.

The 21-gauge gold rose by 2 pounds to go up from 644 pounds per gram to 646 pounds per gram. The 21 gauge is considered the main market in the Egyptian market.

The prices of gold in Egypt are as follows:

The price of the gold caliber 18 has today recorded 553 pounds per gram.

The price of the 21-gauge gold today registered 646 pounds per gram.

The price of the 24-gauge gold records 738 pounds per gram.

The price of the sterling gold and weighs 8 grams Today register 5168 pounds.

The ounce: $ 1294.

Gold prices in Egypt may see some slight variation in the price of the different calibrations in the different governorates of Egypt, this discrepancy in the price of gold could be 50 piasters or one pound.

The price of gold in Egypt, a service provided by the seventh day, includes an immediate update and earns the price of gold, in the Egyptian jeweler's market, as well as the modernization of the world price of an & ounce; .

The gold trade in Egypt depends on the Sunday of each week due to the official market festivities, where all the retail shops of all governorates are stopped.



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