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The latest information from China ensures that Apple will be unable to maintain the current price with the launch of the iPhone 12 due to the approximate increase of 50 dollars in the manufacture of the device, a price that in the end the consumer will have to bear.

One of the announcements we look forward to the most is the presentation of the new line of the iPhone 12, some devices that will have 5G connectivity among many other novelties, and there is still the uncertainty of knowing the exact launch date and especially the price.

We have already told you about everything we know and expect from the new iPhone 12, but one of the things that we cannot tell you yet is the price, although according to recent information from China it seems that the iPhone 12 will be more expensive than previously thought, even reducing the quality of your battery and not including accessories such as headphones or charging adapter as standard.

Advance from China, and collected by means such as Gizmochina, which is likely the cheapest basic iPhone 12, around 749 dollars, that would be roughly $ 50 more expensive than the current entry-level iPhone 11, so users are going to have to invest a bit more even though they will not find either the headphones or the charging adapter in the box, presumably.

The source notes that the production cost of the iPhone 12 has increased by approximately $ 50, a price that consumers seem to have to bear. This is especially important, given that we are immersed in an economic crisis derived from the global health pandemic, and many users may be hesitating to buy a new iPhone 12 based on its price, and it seems that it will be higher than expected.

After a slight delay, Apple is expected to introduce the new iPhone 12 in the coming weeks. for launch throughout the month of October, just in time for Christmas.

Still, there is still no official confirmation about the price of the new iPhone 12, and Apple will not decide on it until even a few hours before its presentation, as has been customary with the announcement of this type of technological device where there may be very last minute changes.

[Vía: gizmochina]

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