Technology The price of the Sony Playstation 5 PS5 after...

The price of the Sony Playstation 5 PS5 after its November launch announcement

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Sony Police announced the launch of the new version of its PlayStation 5 electronic game console, known as “PS5”, on November 12th.

The company published a tweet on its official page on the social networking site, Twitter, with a picture of the new gaming device and its price, which is $ 499 and $ 399, for the “digital” version.

The company had published a video clip of the new version of the device, which is considered one of the most widespread electronic game devices in the world, showing the new design, which differs from the designs of the previous 4 version in black and white with prominent corners, as well as a new design for the control hands that is somewhat similar to the previous version.

PlayStation shared images of new games and updated versions of games that were very popular with its users, stressing that the specifications of the new generation will allow the user to experience “lightning speed and high-speed downloads” in addition to other specifications.



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