The prices of European cars used today in the X market after zero image customs


After the implementation of the zero tariff decision on European cars and the announcement of a number of companies to reduce the price of the car Zero, Al Ahram Auto went to the used car market in the tenth district of Nasr City to know the impact of zero prices on the user.

And he met a number of car owners, who rushed to the auto market in the tenth district, to Nasr City, to sell their cars, where Al Ahram Otto noted the variation in car prices, indicating impossibility of re-price these cars, and went out with different estimates of the price.

The following are the prices of a number of cars on the market today:

Skoda Octavia, 2011 model, a meter up to 153 thousand kilometers, to 145 thousand pounds.

My mother Dabello, X3, Model 2013, a meter up to 198 thousand kilos, offered at 550 thousand pounds.

Volkswagen, model 2011, 195 km, at a price of 300 thousand pounds.

Renault Fluence, 2014, automatic, a meter of 130 thousand kilometers, to 220 thousand pounds.

Escoda Octavia, 2017, automatic, up to 76 thousand kilos, to 265 thousand pounds.

Audi A4, The 2014 model, automatic, a counter up to 180 thousand kilos, to 290 thousand pounds.

Volks Jetta, model 2008, automatic, meter up to 240 thousand kilometers, to 185 thousand pounds.

Renault Logan, 2015, automatic, a meter of 67 thousand kilometers, to 155 thousand pounds.

Peugeot 2008, the model of 2015, a meter up to 125 thousand kilometers, the price of 210 thousand pounds.

Renault Logan, 2017, Automatic, 30,000 km, 145,000 pounds.


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