The prices of the gold increase by two pounds at the beginning of the week and the price of 21 pounds to 633 pounds per gram


The prices of gold on Monday (March 25, 2019) recorded an increase of two pounds, with the 21 caliber gold, the most popular in Egypt, at 633 pounds per gram so far.

The increase in the price of gold in Egypt was caused by the increase in the price of gold worldwide at 1.2% to increase the price of gold. ; ounce at $ 1318 so far.

The prices of gold in Egypt are as follows:

Caliber 18: £ 542.57.

Caliber 21: 633 pounds.

Caliber 24: 723 pounds.

Pound Gold: 5064 pounds.

The ounce: $ 1318

Gold prices in Egypt The past few days have seen a significant decline due to the decline in the dollar in banks and official banks in Egypt, but the rise in world prices has pushed the gold to rise in Egypt.

The seventh day service for readers and follow-up updates periodically and immediately to win the prices of all the different prices in the gold market in Egypt.

Gold prices in Egypt are subject to demand and supply as well as change with the increase or decrease of the global market as well as directly related to dollar prices on the market parallel to the dollar and the market banking.

The prices of gold in Egypt could witness some slight variation in the price of the various calibrations in the different governorates of Egypt. This difference in the price of gold may be 50 piasters or 1 pound.



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