The Prime Minister of Japan announced an important decision regarding Poland

– Due to the growing burden on Poland due to Russia’s prolonged aggression against Ukraine, I informed the Prime Minister that we decided to give special treatment to Poland as a recipient of official development assistancedespite the fact that Poland is already developing economically and is not classified as a country receiving aid. We would like to gradually increase the number of projects, said Prime Minister Kishida. The politician expressed thanks and respect for Poland, which acts as a hub providing military and humanitarian support to Ukraine.

Morawiecki: We understand the threat posed by Russian imperialism

The Prime Minister of Japan visited Poland right after his visit to Kiev. The issue of the war in Ukraine and security are among the most important issues that will be discussed during the visit of the head of the Japanese government to Warsaw.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoke about this during a press briefing with Fumio Kishida.

– Our countries lie on two extreme sides, the borders of Russia, but we perfectly understand the threat posed by Russian imperialism to world peace and to international order. Thank you for the Prime Minister’s visit to Kiev, because it is a clear proof and a symbol of support for Ukraine’s ambitions said the head of the Polish government.

A new political order

Morawiecki emphasized that the world is now facing the formation of a new geopolitical order. The issue of security, both of Poland and Japan, “became a phenomenon that needs to be discussed simultaneously in relation to threats in Asia and Europe.”

– Countries that think alike about peace, stability and freedom must cooperate very closely, just like Poland and Japan. And I would like to thank the Prime Minister for his personal commitment to close cooperation with Poland, said Morawiecki.

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