The princesses can only lie down to sleep under this condition

The royal profession, like most jobs, has its pros and cons.

While a royal title provides access, opportunities and, of course, the luxury of living in a palace, the role also comes with a lot of responsibilities.

The princesses have to live by a strict rule book, which includes everything from wearing tights and hats correctly to no black clothes or tracksuits.

After joining the ranks, both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle had to attend ‘princess classes’, brushing up on all the royal rules and policies, which are mainly put into practice in the presence of the Queen.

British journalists this week discovered a previously unknown rule that the duchess must follow.

According to Sir William Heseltine, the Queen’s former private secretary, ladies should not go to bed earlier than the monarch himself.

This rule is said to have caused a regular ordeal for Princess Diana.

For Diana, the long royal evenings were excruciating. Everyone sat and talked in the living room for an hour, and no one thought it proper to retire to sleep before the queen. And Diana was pushed to such extremes that she apologized and went to bed, which was given a rather bad name

explained the former secretary.

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