The prisoners at the fort, Karen Marie Ellefsen

From NRK to TV3 and Viaplay.

Former NRK presenter Karen Marie Ellefsen (71) will again be seen on TV, this time on TV3 and Viaplay.

Ellefsen will be the “riddle master” when “The prisoners at the fort” return to the screen after ten years, writes VG.

– I am a “riddle master” in “Prisoners at the fort” and I sit in a tower and ask the participants different riddles. It was fun to be back on TV again and it was a nice bunch to work with, says Karen Marie Ellefsen to the newspaper.

Recording in France

The recording was made this summer, at the old fortress Fort Boyard near La Rochelle in France. There, the participants will fight as the victory in a number of different exercises.

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Bernt Hulsker (43) and Julie Strømsvåg (40) are the hosts, and the list of participants consists of several high-profile celebrities.

Opposite VG, Hulsker can promise a good cast:

– It’s a legendary program and a legendary cast. There are some strong steaks that are included, and they got another surprise and were put in place a bit. I myself had not dared to complete half of the exercises, he says.

These are the participants:

Kristin Gjelsvik (35): Influencers
Kristin first became known when she participated in “Paradise Hotel” in 2012. Since then, she has been a blogger and a visible profile as an influencer. In addition, she has become increasingly socially engaged in debates.

Dennis Poppe Thorsen (30): TV profile and influences
Dennis also participated in “Paradise Hotel”, where he found love with Gjelsvik. In retrospect, Dennis has become a bigger profile on social media, like his fiancé.

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Leif Einar Lothe (51): TV profile
Leif Einar «Lothepus» Lothe is best known from «Fjorden Cowboys» and his participation from the first season of «Farmen Kjendis». In 2017, he was named “Celebrity of the Year” by Kampanje.

Lasse Matberg (36): TV profile
Also known as “the handsome Viking”, ran away with the victory in the Italian version of “Shall we dance”. But many will probably know him most from the previous season of “Farmen Kjendis, where he ran away with the victory.

Trude Mostue (53): Veterinarian
All of Norway’s veterinarians have participated in a number of reality series, but really became a familiar face from the series «Veterinarians».

Emil Meek (33): MMA fighter
The athlete had his big breakthrough in 2016 and has become a popular MMA profile. In addition, he also makes music.

Frithjof Wilborn (59): TV profile
Frithjof has hosted some of the biggest TV shows of the 2000s, such as “Do You Want to Become a Millionaire?” and «The Farm». He also has a football career behind him when he played for Brann and Strømsgodset in the 80’s.

Back after ten years

“Prisoners at the fort” is a Norwegian television competition that from 1993 to 2011 ran on TV3 with some stays. In other words, it’s been ten years since it last hit the screen.

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The program is a Norwegian version of the French “Fort Boyard”, which was broadcast for the first time in 1990. Sweden and Denmark also have their own versions.

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The last time “Prisoners at the Fort” went on TV was Henriette Lien and Daniel Franck who were presenters. These are now replaced with Hulsker and Strømsvåg.

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