The Private Hospital of the South, full of critical patients and with all its respirators busy

The Private Hospital of the South announced today that it has “full” its “critical care units, with use of all available respirators.”

They also indicated that “the rest of the hospital has a high percentage of occupation.”

“Our health personnel are at the limit of their ability to work to assist patients affected by COVID-19,” they warned.

Some of them “are affected or isolated as a consequence of this disease, with difficulties in their immediate replacement.”

“This situation is beginning to affect the care of patients with other diseases that also require urgent, specialized and highly complex care,” they reported.

For this reason, as of today “and for a term of 10 days will be limited the consultations on guard and the interactions”.

The statement is signed by Oscar Arias, medical director of the health center.

This Saturday they reported that Bahía Blanca exceeded 3,000 infected with COVID-19.


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