The problem with some Syrian workers is an isolated incident

The people of Kawkaba, Mukhtara, and the municipality of Kawkaba in Rashaya district, regretted “the incident that took place yesterday between a number of sons and some Syrian residents and workers, which led to a number of injuries.”

And they pointed out in a statement, that “many families of Syrian brothers have lived in our town for decades, and most of them work in the agricultural sector, and they have good relations with the people of the town and neighboring villages.”

They affirmed that “this incident is an isolated incident between one of the townspeople and some young Syrians, and the municipality, sheikhs and town officials immediately intervened to address the issue, in cooperation with the Lebanese army and security services.”

The families asked the army and the security services, “which we trust, to take the necessary and deterrent measures against the aggressors and those who caused the problems that occurred, which led to the occurrence of wounded people who were transferred to the hospital, which is a repetition of previous problems that occurred with some Syrian youths.”

They pointed out that “the sheikhs and the town’s activists followed this matter closely and continuously with the municipality, the security services and the people to reach a permanent solution and decisive and clear measures and quickly, to prevent the recurrence of these unfortunate events in a manner that preserves the security of our people and town.”

They concluded by wishing “heal for the wounded”, and hoped that everyone would “not take rumors and spread false news that harm our society and our traditions.”

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