The problems are not abandoned – Šiauliai lost another striker due to an injury

The front line of Šiauliai-7bet team, suffering from injuries and diseases, lost another player. At the last minute of the match with Pasvalys’ Milk Stars, he landed unsuccessfully on the ground Paulius Danusevičius and stretched the ankle ligaments.

It is estimated that it will take up to a couple of weeks for the basketball player to return to the court.

During the first two matches of Betsafe-LKL, P.Danusevičius scored an average of 6.5 points for his team, rebounded 4.5 points and took over 1.5 balls, spending more than 19 minutes on the court.

This is the third player on the front line of Šiauliai-7bet who is currently out of line. Isaiah Armwood broke his toe a little earlier during the training, and the sick Kajus Leliukas could not compete due to it.

“The black stretch for the team continues. This is already the third player on our front line we have lost in the last week. Therefore, after the match with the Pasvalys team with the coaches, we immediately considered the situation and decided to look for an addition to the team. We singled out the desired high-rise qualities, his potential role in the team. However, we do not promise urgent purchases to put out the fire, we have to evaluate the players on the market well, ”said Donatas Slanina.

The next match in the Betsafe-LKL championship Šiauliai-7bet will be played on September 25. In Vilnius with the local “East”.

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