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A modified version of the new practical driving test in Russia was published on the federal portal for draft regulations.

According to the document, the usual division of tests on the "city" and "site" will no longer be.

The list of mandatory elements, along with the start and end of the movement, left and right, parallel parking, crossing the intersection of uneven roads, stop on the climb and turn, includes skill control overtaking or progress.

Crossing a level crossing is indicated as an optional exercise, which is dealt with whenever possible, as well as reconstruction on a multi-lane section of the road.

From last summer, when the draft review was discussed, the State Traffic Inspectorate took into consideration more than a hundred proposals from the driving schools, Kommersant reports.

Among other things, the right of the driving school teacher to be present in the car during the tests has been deleted from the document.

"There are concerns about the consequences that can arise when testing the individual driving skills of the truck in traffic", the publication was told in the press service of the Ministry of Transport.

The ministry noted that the traffic police did not take into account all the comments. Therefore, the requirements for closed areas or areas with low-intensity traffic specified in the resolution are not defined, which can affect driving schools equipped with autodromes, where students today have the opportunity to pass the "platform" ".

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