The Prodigy are working on a new album after Keith Flint's death


Currently the British musicians of The Prodigy are back in the studio to produce a new album. This was announced by the band on Tuesday via Twitter. The posted photo shows the musical head of the band, Liam Howlett, who is currently working on his devices, the lines: “back in the studio making noise” and “brand new prodigy tunes are gonna roll” as well as the Hashtags “#weliveforthebeats” and “#weliveforever” – “We live on forever”.

With this announcement, it should be clear: The Prodigy want to continue – even after the sudden death of his bandmate, who was considered in public as the face of the group: Keith Flint. The 49-year-old was found dead in his home in Essex, England in March this year. (Read an obituary here.)

Whether Flint's voice will be heard on the new, untitled work, is so far open. It is the first joint work of the band since the death of the frontman.

Since the nineties, The Prodigy have been pioneers of breakbeats in British electronic music. Flint was first dancer of the band and took over in 1996 to the track “Firestarter” for the first time the role of the shouters. The song was the first international success of The Prodigy and put Keith Flint as a punky frontman of the band in the foreground. The latest album by The Prodigy, “No Tourists”, was released in 2018. A release date for the new music has not yet been communicated.


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