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The Prodigy invited fans to Keith Flint's funeral

The prodigy on Twitter Invitation fan at the funeral of their singer Keith Flint, who died at the beginning of March at the age of 49.

It should be noted that the funeral procession will take place on Friday 29 March in the city of Baintry, in the Essex. Fans are invited to "pass Keith's last trip (Keith Flint) and give a standing ovation in his memory". Fans were also warned that only family and close friends would be able to attend church service, while the audio broadcast of the ceremony could be heard through speakers that would be installed in front of the temple.

"No one is able to create such a noise": which was the singer of The Prodigy

Flint's body was discovered on March 4 in an Essex house. Prodigy member Liam Howlett said it was a suicide. In connection with the singer's death, the band canceled all the concerts.

The Sun, quoting sources, wrote that a few days before his death, Flint set up a house in Essex for sale. He also tried to sell a pub called "Mex" ("The Leather Bottle").



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