The professionals at the Salamanca Hospital raise a two-year-old girl under guardianship: "Your family is us"

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A two year old girl She has been admitted to the ICU of the University Hospital of Salamanca since she was 11 months old, where she is cared for as if she were a daughter. Her professionals have become her family since the little girl is under the guardianship of the Junta de Castilla y León, according to the Diario de Castilla y León.

“We have all devoted ourselves to her,” says Eduardo Consuegra, head of the hospital’s Pediatrics service to the aforementioned media. “Her family is us,” adds this specialist who reveals that all the hospital staff have established a very “special” relationship with the little girl, as if they were her family. Thus, she says that a nurse knitted her a mermaid tail for her birthday and she took another one of hers one day to the pool with her children.

The little girl suffers an incurable disease from which she receives treatment and, to survive, she needs medical attention 24 hours a day, which is why she has been hospitalized since she was 11 months old. Their mobility is limited and they are more likely than other children to become infected with respiratory diseases.

The great wish of the doctors and nurses at the hospital is for a family to take in the little girl, something that Social Services is already working on. “Tomorrow she will want to know where she comes from,” says Consuegra, so the hospital professionals are taking a collection of photos of her days at this medical center.

Apparently, since the little girl’s story became known, several families have been interested in adopting her, but this specialist warns those who are interested that whoever dares to adopt her has to do so in a “serious and responsible”, being aware that the little girl’s illness is lifelong and will require constant care.

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