the promise is deducted by ticket prices and the program

D. Baisarov called the party the most enigmatic and mysterious event of the autumn. The celebration will take place in the richest district of Moscow, Presnensky, near the Patriarch’s Ponds.

All representatives of the Russian elite are invited to a secret party. The description of the party is intriguing, but does not reveal all the cards.

The program really takes away the promise: Denis promises guests a good ball with engaging performances by Russian performers, secret rooms with the mystic residents of the manor, and a secret community atmosphere.

All guests are kindly requested to adhere to the Black Tie holiday code. The price of the ticket is not paid for by everyone either: you will have to pay about 190 euros for the entrance. Meanwhile, the price of a VIP ticket is double – 380 euros.

“Denis is a beginner, so the ticket prices are really surprising. Usually, those who start organizing parties sell tickets for 60 euros each, ”writes the Russian portal Tolko Nikomu.

D. Baisavor promises to appear at the party – at the moment he is actively preparing for it and thinking about his image down to the smallest detail.

“I’m sure all the guests will exceed our expectations,” Denis wrote on social media.

He was also criticized on the social network – after all, the organizers of the events should exceed the expectations of the guests.

“It’s all you have to consider, Denis,” were the comments.

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