The Promise of Riot at Gelora Delta Stadium will be the last one


Persebaya Surabaya supporters, Bonek, rioted after fighting RANS Nusantara FC at the Gelora Delta Sidoarjo Stadium, Thursday (15/9/2022).

BOLASPORT.COM – Group of supporters Persebaya Surabaya, dollemphasized that the riots at the Gelora Delta Stadium, Sidoarjo, East Java would not happen again.

As is well known, an unscrupulous act was carried out by an unscrupulous person doll recently in Liga 1.

That’s exactly what happened after the game Persebaya Surabaya versus RANS Nusantara FC at Gelora Delta Stadium, Sidoarjo, East Java, Thursday (15/9/2022).

At that time, several unscrupulous supporters were seen raging after seeing their favorite club lose 1-2.

As a result of this incident, several stadium facilities were damaged.

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Not long, party doll do fundraising.

The purpose of raising donations is to help repair the Gelora Delta Stadium.

Reporting from Persebaya’s official Instagram, the money collected was IDR 51,861,927.

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