The proposal that Rossello raised in the Telegram chat took place


The proposal that Governor Ricardo Rosselló shared in an application chat telegram To leave the secretary of justice, Wanda Vázquez Garced, as interim governor, after succeeding in legal proceedings against her, made a few days after sharing his intentions in the group where several high-profile figures of the government.

The first executive proposed to go on "vacation" with the Secretary of State, Luis G. Rivera Marín, so that the head of justice would take the government temporarily. When the governor is not in Puerto Rico, it is up to the secretary of state to assume the reins of the country, but if this figure is not present in the island, the charge is assumed by the person who directs the Department of Justice, according to the Law 7 of 1952, which establishes the succession process.

Among the memes

Rosselló's proposal to take a trip came in response to several memes mocking Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz and other messages celebrating the governor's victory over the legislative leader.

Rivera Schatz is one of the strongest criticisms of the Secretary of Justice, who on several occasions asked her to resign, among other things, for the accusations that did not prosper against the official and that were linked to violations of the law. of the ethics of the government and the penal code.

"That shark (Rivera Schatz) is in good hands. It is like returning the agp (Alejandro García Padilla). We should hit him … another Agapito", he wrote the former Secretary of Public Affairs of La Fortaleza , Ramón Rosario, next to a meme in which the governor appears with a shark.

This was the chat segment that talks about this problem.

"Proposal: let Luis G and I take" vacations "to see what the interim governor of those times does …", Rossello wrote in the chat after the decision to have no reason to arrest Vázquez Garced on 7 December. Independent special prosecutors have tried to prove that Vázquez Garced intervened improperly and illegally in the lawsuit against two men accused of committing an escalation to their daughter's residence.

For his part, Carlos Bermúdez, the governor's communications consultant, replied to Rosselló in the chat, which takes place from Monday and to which The new day He had access, that his proposal was "good".

"Not much, official agreements. Outside Macondo," added Bermudez.

Specifically, La Fortaleza announced as official steps the reason for Roselló's trip to Washington DC on December 12, five days after expressing his intentions in the Telegram group.

"Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares traveled this afternoon to Washington, D.C. to hold meetings with several officials and members of Congress in the federal capital", A press release from La Fortaleza reads to inform of the trip.

Rivera Marín accompanied the president to meetings in the federal capital, according to the governor's office, "supporting the 100 percent extension of cost sharing for categories A and B of the Federal Stafford Disaster Aid Act. emergency from the federal emergency management agency; for funds for the Nutrition Assistance Program (PAN); and work on the fiscal cliff of Medicaid, among other issues. "

When he went to Washington, Rossello also said that his purpose was to combat the measure that forbade the cockfight industry and to have meetings with federal officials.

But the same afternoon he went to the federal capital, the measure was approved in the lower house, ending the Congress trial.

In any case, Rosselló met on December 13, 2018 with White House officials and Federal Treasury, Energy and Housing (HUD) departments.

He also met with Democratic Congress leaders, President Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Charles Schumer.

At the White House, Rossello met with Chief Security Advisor to President Donald Trump, Douglas Fears, and the head of resilience and Security Council member Mark Harvey.

He also had an independent meeting with HUD secretary Ben Carson and then with undersecretary Pamela Hughes Patenaude.

View the 11-page document with different messages and memes.

Excerpt from the government chat on Telegram from The new day on Scribd

React to the Secretary of Justice

Meanwhile, the justice secretary said this morning that he was unaware of the governor's messages and categorized his relationship with Rosselló as "excellent".

"The interpretations that are given to a supposed conversation of which I do not know the context and I was not part of it, I will not comment", the official kept the written expressions sent to The new day.

In the chat there are also messages from the current interior secretary, Ricardo Llerandi; the governor's legal advisor Alfonso Orona, the communications consultant Rafael Ceramethe publicist Edwin Miranda and the executive director of the Financial Advisory Authority and Fiscal Agency (Aafaf), Christian Sobrino. A person identified as only participates F.

Llerandi, for his part, acknowledged today, Tuesday, the truth of the chat.

"Excerpts from messages, lacking the elements that complete a conversation in person, are devoid of context and can be interpreted in different ways, so you must be very careful with the judgment that passes over any communication that is made by We will not be distracted by this topic, so we will not make further expressions in the future, "he said.

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