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Comparison between candidates for mayor of Ventimiglia, this afternoon, at the Municipal Theatre. Flavio Di Muro, Gabriele Sismondini, Tiziana Panetta, Roberto Parodi, Maria Spinosi and Gaetano Scullino have listened to the requests of the floricultural, nursery, succulents, hybridization and horticultural sectorsand then in turn, by drawing lots, they illustrated their intentions in this regard.

They have been addressed various problems and possible solutions: the water problem, how to use waste water, a plan for the recovery and arrangement of existing tanks which could provide relief for critical moments of drought, the restoration of water supply contracts in agriculture without the burden of purification, wild boars, lighting fires in agriculture and the disposal of agricultural waste.

According to the extraction, the first to speak was Gaetano Scullino. “Ventimiglia is a city that has at least 500 farms. The floriculture sector is the pride of the city. The hybridizers of Ventimiglia have great professionalism. There are farmers who have a specialization and have research that is envied. They all have but gods problems which the Liguria Region must remedy. The first problem is water – says the candidate for mayor Gaetano ScullinoThis sectorwhich has often been overlooked, it will have my particular attention and that of my lists“.

The mayoral candidate then spoke Tiziana Panetta: “I am very happy with this meeting with this sector which is very important for Ventimiglia. We need to rely on those who know the subject in depth. We will not only give an delegate to an expert but with our new method of administering we want collaborate with those who know the individual sectors e therefore he has the skills to be able to provide those who administer ideas and find solutions together, and then constitute Also a commission. It is a sector that must also be developed in terms of tourism. We have to demand more investments for ours wells. It is the competence that produces benefits. We must protect our companies from wild boars. We need to reorganize the landfill, and by the way, the use of can occur dedicated containers. We have to let the world know about our territory.”

Then it was the turn of Robert Parodi. “Those who govern must work alongside technicians, there must be a professional for each sector. Therefore, the council must have trained and experienced technicians and professionals in every sector in order to be able to intervene in a just way regarding every problem” – declares the mayoral candidate Robert Parodi“I think floriculture and agriculture are very important for tourism.”

The word then passed to Gabriele Sismondini: “We are here to listen to the needs of the category. We have various proposals regarding waste, water and the relationship between administration and companies. When I entered the city council three years ago, an interpellation I made was right on boars. It is one of the issues that must be addressed as a priority” – says the candidate for mayor Gabriele Sismondini – “Returning to the earth could truly be one of the great themes for relaunching the future and the environment”.

“I come from a family of farmers so I know very well what the difficulties the agricultural world experiences are” – underlines the mayoral candidate Mary Spinosi Research is very important but it must concern not only the floricultural sector but also the agricultural one. The municipality must do training and information. Research institutions must help us to know what the new cultures are for the future. We need to link local products to local trails to increase tourism. We need to create one synergy between the municipality and farmers. Yes to electric fences for i boars. Hunters have to help farmers. Vegetable scraps are a great resource because they can be used as fertilizer. We need to think about giving municipal composting to farmers”.

“This debate is useful for giving a central role to farmers, flower growers and those involved in working in our hinterland. There needs to be greater attention from the municipal administration. The municipality of Ventimiglia has few competences and therefore the connection is very important with supra-municipal bodies, with the Liguria Region, which has many funds for agriculture, and with the Government, which recently created a control room headed by Minister Salvini for the serious water crisis. census to understand whether or not it would be better to rebuild them. The municipality of Ventimiglia must support the Liguria Region and discuss with them to understand how to draw on resources” – announces the mayoral candidate Flavio Di Muro “Sui boars there are insurmountable constraints by law. There is a regional resolution that enhances the possibility of acquiring instruments necessary. Sui waste there is the possibility of adopting a special waste designation. There is a need to enhance the Deco, I would like to promote a festival with local specialties”.

The comparison was organized by the most important companies in the floriculture, nursery, succulents, hybridization and horticultural sectors, together with other realities in the agricultural sector such as agritourisms. The final proposal of the sector to all the candidates for mayors present concerned a pact for the territory: “The next administration must commit to creating a permanent commission composed of an assessor or a managing director who, together with exponents of the sector, meet to solve the problems presented above and create new growth opportunities for the area”.

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