The prosecution requires up to five years in prison for a triumph truce – El Nuevo


New York – Today's Prosecutor's Office has requested a sentence of 51 to 63 months in prison for the former personal work of President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, accused of having "deliberately" made "false" statements about the negotiations of a potential Trump Tower in Moscow that in the end It was not built

In a brief moment before the court in the southern district of New York, the prosecution emphasizes that a "substantial prison sentence" is required and that his petition responds to "The broad and deliberate general conduct of Cohen".

Cohen pleaded guilty to federal charges and collaborated on numerous state and federal investigations for several months, including seven meetings with Special Advisory Board Robert Mueller.

Prosecutors said the court's probation department estimated that federal conviction guidelines require Cohen to serve at least four years in prison. Prosecutors said the grade "reflects Cohen's extended, deliberate and serious criminal conduct".



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