The prosecutors of the ‘procés’ demand that García Ortiz defend them against accusations of ‘lawfare’ by PSOE and Junts

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«The intervention of prosecutors in the special cases of the process before the Supreme Court and those of other prosecutors in those cases that have been pursued before other judicial instances has been strictly subject to the principles of legality and impartiality, in accordance with the principle of unity of action, and with the knowledge and approval of the State Attorney General’s Officeso the mere fact that suspicion is cast on the prosecutors of an illegal action by admitting that the exercise of their constitutional and statutory functions could be described as unfair, disproportionate and guided by political motives can only be understood as an attack on the “Institution that must be the object of an immediate response by the State Attorney General as the apex of the Fiscal Career.”

This is what the prosecutors of the 1-O Chamber have requested, Fidel Cadena, Jaime Moreno, Consuelo Madrigal y Javier Zaragozaal fiscal general, Alvaro Garcia Ortizwho has not yet condemned the use of the term lawfare approved in the investiture agreement reached between the PSOE and Junts. The attorney general responded this Thursday to the 1-O prosecutors by once again avoiding commenting on the terms of the political pact closed between the socialists and postconvergentes and where he anticipates that any position on the Amnesty Law will arrive after its publication in the BOE.

The attorney general has made public in a letter in which he responds to the prosecutors of the Supreme Court that “he must maintain a public position that reinforces the principle of impartiality of the Public Prosecutor’s Office by virtue of which it acts with full objectivity and independence.”

All the associations of judges and prosecutors, the General Council of the Judiciary, the Supreme Court, the National Court, the TSJ, the provincial courts and the senior judges of Spain have issued statements in recent days criticizing the recognition of lawfare and warning of the risk to the separation of powers that the terms of the political agreement signed between Pedro Sanchez y Carles Puigdemont, where the door is opened for Parliament to review judicial decisions. All the judicial bodies except one: the State Attorney General’s Office, which a week later has not released any statement about the alleged dirty judicial war against the independence movement.

In a letter sent to García Ortiz, the four prosecutors of the process They ask him, “in his capacity as Attorney General of the State and president of the Fiscal Council, after hearing this body, to speak out publicly in defense of the Institution.”

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