The Prosecutor’s Office defended in July that the investigation into Democratic Tsunami was fear "terrorism" and later said that he did it for "error"

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The Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court on July 19 classified the procedure in which the platform is being investigated as a cause of terrorism Democratic Tsunamia summary in which since this Monday the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont and the leader of ERC Marta Rovira, among others, have been accused of such crime.

This is stated in a report, known by THE WORLDin which the prosecutor Joaquín González Herrero responded to the defense’s request Oriol Soler where he requested that the case be sent to the Barcelona courts.

In his report, sent to Central Court of Instruction Number 6 of the Hearing, the representative of the Prosecutor’s Office maintained that “in the opinion of the Ministry, the events that are the subject of this case are susceptible to being classified as terrorist crimes of articles 571 and following of the Penal Codeas the Prosecutor’s Office has been maintaining since the beginning of the proceedings through opinions that are ratified herein.”

The aforementioned document also highlighted the “seriousness” of the events attributed to Tsunami Democràtic “due to the seditious phenomenon” that took place in Catalonia and defended the competence of the National Court to investigate possible criminal acts, when committed. by “armed gangs and terrorist groups.”

“The seriousness of the facts allows us to reasonably sustain the provisional judgment according to which terrorism crimes have been committed,” emphasized the representative of the Public Ministry, in reference to the Tsunami case.

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